10. More Studies

  • Pasadena, California, USA – The first pilot study done in 2010 by D&Y Laboratories with eleven autistic children over a three month period. All of them made some improvement. 70% had significant improvement.
  • Panama City, Panama – Dr. Richard Velasquez tested thirteen autistic children as well as their close family members. The first study ended at the end of 2012, with improvement reported in every participant. Details of the study were reported at the International Water and Health Symposium held at the California Institute of Technology in 2013.
  • Nanjing, China – A similar study done in Nanjing, China in 2012 reported a 70% improvement with the average autistic child.
  • Schenzhen, China – Duplicate study that in Nanjing with similar results.
C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD

C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD
Founding President, American Holistic Medical Association

A study done on immune response and stable water clusters by Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, produced the following statement:

“Stable water clusters may produce a significant enhancement of immune function in human beings. Larger studies should be done with perhaps a broader overview of immune function.

“Dysfunctions of the immune system are major factors in allergies, autoimmune diseases, cancer and even atherosclerosis and diabetes. The implications for immune health are obvious.” – C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, Founding President, American Holistic Medical Association

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