Before and After Drinking Double Helix WaterThousands of infrared images have been taken and analyzed as part of our investigation of Double Helix Water. Thermal images show distinct patterns in body surface temperature.

When temperatures are abnormally high this normally reflects diseased or ill body parts.  Thermal imaging can thus be used as a form of diagnosis by practitioners in order detect and locate physical issues or areas of inflammation.  It shows changes in temperature in real-time.

Double Helix Water shows rapid  temperature normalization of “overheated” or “inflamed” regions of the body.

These images may be seen as showing the effect of Double Helix Water after 15 minutes.

Feet Before and After Drinking Double Helix Water

The thermal images of this child reveal abnormally high temperatures in the thyroid region.  Further methods of diagnosis are of course used in order to determine the exact condition.  But knowing that the thyroid region is inflamed is a very good start.

Head Images - Before and After Drinking Double Helix Water

Fifteen minutes after drinking Double Helix Water, the inflamed area around the thyroid gland shows  considerable improvement. We see a considerable reduction in temperature/inflammation.

These thermal images show similar effects on afflicted regions of this persons legs.  The reduction of temperature caused by Double Helix Water goes along with reduced discomfort reported by this individual.

Leg Scans - Before and After Drinking Double Helix Water

Double Helix Water is redefining health and the body’s role in healing by enhancing natural phenomena inherent in water.  For a more complete description of exactly how Double Helix Water works we have a more detailed description here