• Double Helix Water®

    A scientific breakthrough brings us this
    new phase of water that is being researched for its health-promoting effects.

  • Double Helix Water®
    Live Blood Analysis

    Images by a practitioner in Naples, Florida

    The images to the right compare a diabetic subject’s
    live blood tests before and after drinking
    Double Helix Water® regularly for 3 months.


What is Double Helix Water®?

Double Helix Water® consists of ultra pure water with stable water clusters. Learn More >

Cream Powered by Double Helix Water®

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The Science Behind Double Helix Water®

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Sports Recovery

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Health, Well-Being & Lifestyle

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  • What research has been done on Double Helix Water?
  • How long before I can tell if Double Helix Water is working for me?
  • How is Double Helix Water made?
  • Are there any side effects from taking Double Helix Water?
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Thermal Imaging

Thermal images taken before and after people drink Double Helix Water® show positive results in as little as 15 minutes! Thousands of these infrared images have been taken and analyzed. These images show distinct patterns in body surface temperature and reduction of inflammation. Learn More >

Concerning Double Helix Water® and Autism

Several preliminary studies have been done with the use of Double Helix Water in the treatment of autism.  While more studies are needed, initial results are very favorable, especially when combined with other natural treatments.  Information about the natural treatment possibilities for autism can be downloaded here. Learn More >


What are people saying about Double Helix Water®?
Decreased Swelling and Reduced Pain

My 92 year old mother had severe swelling in both feet and legs along with excruciating pain in her right hip. I gave her the Double Helix Water and massaged her legs, feet, and hip with the rosemary cream. We were amazed to see how the swelling had gone down and the pain was greatly relieved after only a few applications!
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